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Research Interests

Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics.


Journal Publications

[1] “Lessons Learned from China’s Regional Carbon Market Pilots” [pdf]

Junjie Zhang, Zhenxuan Wang, and Xinming Du
Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy 6(2): 1-20, 2017.

Working Papers

[7] “Heat Adaptation and Human Performance in a Warming Climate”

Steven Sexton, Zhenxuan Wang, and Jamie Mullins
Revise & Resubmit, 2021

[6] “The Value of Information Disclosure: Evidence from Defensive Expenditures in China” [SSRN]

Zhenxuan Wang and Junjie Zhang
Under Review, 2021

[5] “Rural Electrification and Manufacturing: Evidence from Nepal”

Robyn Meeks, Hope Thompson, and Zhenxuan Wang
In Submission, 2021

[4] “Clean Development Mechanism and Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Chinese Firm-level Patent Data” [SSRN]

Jingbo Cui, Zhenxuan Wang, and Haishan Yu
Under Review, 2020

[3] “Enforcement in Service Delivery: Electricity, Smart Meters, and the Returns to Quality Improvements”

Robyn Meeks, Ruslan Isaev, Arstan Omuraliev, and Zhenxuan Wang
Under Review, 2020

[2] “Research Collaboration beyond the Boundary: Evidence from University Patents in China” [SSRN]

Jingbo Cui, Tianqi Li, and Zhenxuan Wang
Under Review, 2020

[1] “Directed Technological Change: Evidence from Cleaner Production Audit in China”

Jingbo Cui, Zhenxuan Wang, and Junjie Zhang
Working Paper, 2019

Working in Progress

[1] Information, Environmental Risks, and Belief Updating: The Impact of Industrial Plant Accidents on Housing Values (with Tianqi Li)

[2] Distributional Effect of the Clean Air Act (with Steven Sexton

[3] Competitiveness Effects of Global Climate Change Policy (with Billy Pizer and Joe Aldy)

[4] Smart Meter Technology and Quality of Service (with Robyn Meeks and Jacquelyn Pless)

[5] Smart Meters, Infrastructure Improvements, and Institutional Innovations: Evidence from Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan on COVID and Power System Resilience (with Robyn Meeks, Husnain Ahmad, Ayesha Ali, Victoria Plutshack, Javed Younas, Ruslan Isaev, Arstan Omuraliev)

Journal Referee Services

China Economic Review;


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