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Research Interests

Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics.


Journal Publications

[1] “Lessons Learned from China’s Regional Carbon Market Pilots” [pdf]

Junjie Zhang, Zhenxuan Wang, and Xinming Du
Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy 6(2): 1-20, 2017.

Working Papers

[8] “Clean Development Mechanism and Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Chinese Firm-level Patent Data”

Jingbo Cui, Zhenxuan Wang, and Haishan Yu
Working Paper, 2020

[7] “The Value of Information Disclosure: Evidence from Facemask Sales in China”

Zhenxuan Wang and Junjie Zhang
Working Paper, 2020

[6] “Logic of Political Threat: Purges, Mass Protests and State Repressions in Autocracy”

Ziwen Zu and Zhenxuan Wang
Working Paper, 2020

[5] “Enforcement in Electricity Service Delivery: Evidence from a Smart Meter Experiment”

Robyn Meeks, Ruslan Isaev, Arstan Omuraliev, and Zhenxuan Wang
Working Paper, 2020

[4] “High Speed Railway and Collaborative Innovation: Evidence from University Patents in China” [SSRN]

Jingbo Cui, Tianqi Li, and Zhenxuan Wang
Working Paper, 2020

[3] “Can Environmental Regulation Enhance Competitiveness?”

Jingbo Cui, Jing Dai, Zhenxuan Wang, and Xiande Zhao
Working Paper, 2018. (Under review)

[2] “Directed Technological Change: Evidence from Cleaner Production Audit in China”

Jingbo Cui, Zhenxuan Wang, and Junjie Zhang
Working Paper, 2019

[1] “Promotion Incentives, Collusion, and Environment Protection”

Zhenxuan Wang
Working Paper, 2017

Working in Progress

[1] Temperature Acclimatization and Human Capital (with Steven Sexton and Jamie Mullins)

[2] Nuke the Land Market: The Impact of North Korean Nuclear Test on Land Transaction Prices in China (with Junjie Zhang)

[3] Information, Environmental Risks, and Belief Updating: The Impact of Industrial Plant Accidents on Housing Values (with Tianqi Li)

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China Economic Review;


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