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Research Interests

Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy and Management, Public Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Economics of Innovation, Applied Econometrics.


Journal Publications

[1] “Lessons Learned from China’s Regional Carbon Market Pilots” [pdf]

Junjie Zhang, Zhenxuan Wang*, and Xinming Du
Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy 6(2): 1-20, 2017.

Working Papers

[3] “Can Environmental Regulation Enhance Competitiveness?

Jingbo Cui, Jing Dai, Zhenxuan Wang*, and Xiande Zhao
Working Paper, 2017. (Under review)

[2] “Environmental Regulation and Green Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms’ Green Innovation

Jingbo Cui, Zhenxuan Wang*, and Junjie Zhang
Working Paper, 2017

[1] “Promotion Incentives, Collusion, and Environment Protection”

Zhenxuan Wang*
Working Paper, 2017

Working in Progress

Journal Referee Services

China Economic Review;

Research Experience

Environmental Research Center, Duke Kunshan University
Research Associate, 08/2017-07/2018
Supervisor: Prof. Junjie Zhang

  • Work on data collection, processing, visualization and analysis.
  • As a key member, involve in research projects about air pollution, climate change, cost-benefit analysis, and carbon market.
  • Provide assistantship to literature review, manuscript preparation, and research project management.

Environmental Research Center, Duke Kunshan University
Research Assistant, 10/2016-06/2017
Advisor: Prof. Junjie Zhang

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of environmental credit policy in Jiangsu Province.
  • Conduct research on detecting manipulation in official environmental data.
  • Study the history and development of cost-benefit analysis in China by reviewing government documents and existing literatures.
  • Make a summary report of the top-level design of China’s regional carbon market pilots.

School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University
Research Assistant, 04/2016-12/2016
Advisor: Prof. Jingbo Cui

  • Collect patent data of Chinese listed firms from State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO).
  • Use Echarts.js for data visualization to illustrate the regional and time heterogeneity of patent applications. [link]
  • Distinguish environmental patents from others and create a firm-by-year green patent panel dataset.
  • Collect and clean patent data of Chinese industry firms and construct green patent dataset.

School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University
Research Assistant, 02/2016-/04/2016
Advisor: Prof. Wei Zou

  • Measure and compare China’s provincial real economy marketization level, provincial financial marketization level, provincial internal opening level and provincial opening-up level, using a factor analytical method, and analyze the market vitality of Hubei province.


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