My Notes

Below are my notes for several undergraduate courses at Wuhan University.


Production and Consumption Theory
Instructor: Jingbo Cui

Theory of Market and Equilibrium
Instructor: Wei Zou

Advanced Microeconomics 1
Instructor: Wei Zou


Advanced Macroeconomics
Instructor: Junmin Liao

Dynamic Programming and Recursive Macroeconomics | Assignments
Instructor: Junmin Liao

International Economics

International Trade
Instructor: Sheng Wang


Intermediate Econometrics 1
Instructor: Lijia Wei

Intermediate Econometrics 2
Instructor: Tian Xie


Advanced Finance | Assignments
Instructor: Qian Lin


Mathematical Analysis
Instructor: Xianwu Zeng

Complex Analysis
Instructor: Youliang Hou

Functional Analysis
Instructor: Youliang Hou

Probability and Statistics

Probability Theory
Instructor: Cheng Liu

Statistics | Problem Set Answers
Instructor: Cheng Liu