2021 Spring

Quantitative Evaluation Method (graduate), Duke University, Teaching Assistant

2020 Fall

Economics of Sustainable Development (graduate), Duke University, Teaching Assistant

2019 Fall

Economics in the Public Sector (undergraduate), Duke University, Teaching Assistant

2017 Fall

Environmental Economics (graduate), Duke Kunshan University, Teaching Assistant

2017 Spring

Data Analysis: Theory and Practice (undergraduate), Wuhan University, Teaching Assistant

Advanced Topics in Environmental Economics (undergraduate), Wuhan University, Teaching Assistant
  • Description: This course focuses on frontier fields of environmental economics. Topics cover effects of environmental policy, trade and the environment, growth and the environment, technical change and the environment, and environmental economics and green innovation. Main reading materials are top journal papers related to environmental economics.

2016 Fall

Theory of Production and Consumption (undergraduate), Wuhan University, Teaching Assistant
  • Description: This course introduces the standard problems of microeconomics, and the concepts and skills useful for advanced analysis in all areas of economics. The course will mainly focus on the single agent optimization problems, including decisions of consumers and producers.
  • Textbook: Mas-Colell A., M.D. Whinston & J.R. Green, Microeconomic Theory, Oxford Univiversity Press.
  • References: My Notes.

Real Analysis (undergraduate), Wuhan University, Teaching Assistant
  • Description: Topics in this course include set, countability, open sets and closed sets, sigma algebra, Lebesgue measure, measurable sets, Lebesgue measurable functions and their convergence, Lebesgue integrations, convergence theorems and Fubini theorem.
  • Textbook: Youliang Hou, Real Analysis, Wuhan University Press.
  • Tutorial: Tutorial 1; Tutorial 2.

2016 Spring

Economics of Money, Banking & Financial Markets (undergraduate), Wuhan University, Teaching Assistant